LibPositives Spotlight of the Week Quanuquanei "Q' Karmue

LibPositives Spotlight present Quanuquanei A. Karmue (“Q”)

Quanuquanei A Karmue, (“Q”) 36, is the co-founder of Save More Kids, an organization whose mission is to rebuild Liberia by investing in a sustainable economic infrastructure that starts with the empowerment of the most valuable commodity—the children. As a young boy, Karmue and his family had to flee the devastation of the Liberian civil war. Their departure almost did not happen as they encountered a group of rebel soldiers who had intended to add his mother to the mounting death toll.

The young child soldiers asked Karmue’s mother to choose between her life and the lives of her young children. Unwilling to watch her children die, his mother decided to give her life in exchange. While at gunpoint, she made a promise to God that if he would spare her life, she would spend the rest of her life helping children in Liberia such as the ones who were being used as child soldiers. Fortunately for her, her prayers were answered; she was allowed to escape with her children. Years later, Karmue, his mother, and his siblings were able to join his dad in the United States. His mother went on to become a nurse and eventually returned to Liberia to fulfill her promise: to open Christ’s Children Home Orphanage, which housed 44 young children.

Years ago, the prayers of his desperate mother inspired Karmue to pursue his own life's work of empowering young minds in Liberia. He created the California-based nonprofit, Save More Kids.

Save More Kids has a three-pronged approach to addressing long-term problems within Liberia. The first one is to “empower young people by meeting them where they are; being visible and connected with their life”; the second one is to “mentor the hearts of young people, connecting their minds to open their eyes to the problems that continues to cripple their environment, and future”; and the third one is to “provide young people with the resources they need so that they will become a viable solution to the problems threatening their communities”.

Today Karmue and his team have created six unique impact projects under the Save More Kids umbrella, which includes Christ Children’s Home, Relief Project, Pennies for Possibilities Education (PPE) Initiative, Period Project, and Natural Rubber Trees. You can find more information about these different impact projects on

Karmue, who is married to his beautiful wife and co-founder of Save More Kids, Wendy E. Karmue, says that he and his team plan to use the Save More Kids organization to transform the lives of many young people in Liberia.