LibPositives Spotlight of the week Brenda Brewer Moore

LibPositives Spotlight present Brenda Brewer Moore

Brenda Brewer Moore is a human resources professional with more than 17 years of experience working in private and public sectors. Passionate about seeing a better Liberia, she is also the founder and executive director of KEEP (Kids Educational Engagement Project), which promotes a culture of reading among young Liberian students and provides skills training to underserved youths.

KEEP came about a few years ago during the Ebola crisis when the government of Liberia shut down schools across the country. Brenda home schooled her children and saw the same educational needs for other children as they remained out of school daily during the crisis. With the help of her husband, Brenda prepared educational packages containing math worksheets, coloring books, and other educational supplies for school children in her community.

To get families involved, Brenda made it homework for children to complete the worksheets and return to her for additional materials, free of charge. Soon friends and family joined in volunteering to help the children with the worksheets, and KEEP was born. In just seven months, KEEP reached over 7,000 children in about 70 communities in Liberia. The underlying mission of the initiative is that education drives development. Brenda wants to be a part of the solution in Liberia, and this is her way of giving back and lifting the community out of poverty. 

Brenda loves reading and writing. In her spare time, she blogs at Liberian Jue where she regularly speaks about social change and challenges in the Liberian community. For more of Brenda's work with KEEP, visit