LibPositives Spotlight of the Week Lewinale Harris

 LibPositives Spotlight Lewinale Harris                                                                            

Lewinale Harris is a Franco-Liberian artist. Her works explore the union of cultures and how it shapes us. She investigates multiculturalism through the use of intimate portraits that depict moments with couples and individuals in cross-cultural relationships. This approach allows her to provide a discourse on our ever-evolving society and our current paradigm shift.

As a Franco-Liberian artist, Lewinale’s identity compels her to tell the narrative of two individuals, two cultures, and two completely different worlds that have become one. Her goal is to highlight the beauty and growth that is created once these individuals come together.

            She paints the realities of interracial and cross-cultural couples, using mix media to create a spiritual world in which her subjects exists: a reflection of her interpretation of these sacred unions. These unions are not only one of individuals with different skin colors—they are also unions of individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and life stages. It is a journal of the transformation and evolution of humanity.

Lewinale is influenced by religious iconography and traditional, native symbolism. She uses many concepts and narratives to express her work in documentation and personal observation on how our cultures shape us

Anna Sherman-KartoComment