LibPositives Spotlight of the week Henry Keculah Jr.

LibPositives Spotlight Henry Keculah Jr.

Henry Keculah Jr.,  is the owner of 4.0 GPA, a program that assists students and employees in succeeding. Henry is a second generation Liberian who was born in the United States to Bassa and Kpelle parents. During the civil war, Henry’s older siblings, who had been born in Liberia, migrated to the United States to join him and his parents. From the moment after his siblings’ arrival, Henry became extremely passionate about his country, learning from them more about Liberia, including people, tribes, food, and politics.

Henry attended the University of Texas at Austin, one of the top schools in Texas as well as the United States. After completing college, Henry had just one thought in mind; to give back to his people. This inspired him to create his company, 4.0 Growth Productivity Accountability (4.0 GPA); a company that helps students and employees succeed via motivational speaking, fundraising, public relations, workshops and consulting services.

Over the years, the company has grown into a successful one.  It was chosen from a pool of over 1400 applicants to host a panel at the upcoming SXSW EDU Conference & Festival in Austin spring 2018. The company has also been featured on a number of local news outlets, including Houston’s KPRC Channel 2, as well as spotlighted in many publications.

Though he is young, Henry has accomplishments a lot, including winning the 2017 University of Texas at Austin Black Texas Exes Young Alumnus Award and Young African Professionals Under 40 Award. He was also selected as a founding board member of the Collegiate School of Houston.

Henry’s biggest accomplishment came when he organized a college tour on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin for many Liberian middle and high school students. To him, giving back to his people and putting smiles on their faces were worth more than any other accomplishment. Henry hopes to give more to his people in the future.


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