LibPositives Spotlight of the week Royda Urey

LibPositives Spotlight present Royda Urey

Royda Urey is a Liberian-American vlogger currently residing in Liberia. She is the owner of, a blog as well as vlog channel that showcases life in Liberia and other African countries.

Ms. Royda was born in Liberia, but she and her family fled to the United States during the civil war in 1990. After living in the United States for 26 years, Royda took the bold step of moving back home to a place she always felt connected to. This decision caught many by surprise; many of her friends were baffled by her decision to pack up her life from a “great nation” like the United States and move to a developing nation like Liberia. She was bombarded with loads of questions about her decisions, some of which were about what it is like living in Africa. This prompted her to start her blog and vlog channel, has turned into a popular destination for Liberians in the Diaspora to see what many of them have not seen since leaving their beloved country decades ago. She uses her vlog to showcase the good in Liberia, while at the same time highlighting some of its challenges. Ms. Royda hopes to show people around the globe that Liberia—a beautiful country rich in nature, culture, history, and natural resources—is more than what the media shows; that Liberia is more than the many years of civil war and the recent Ebola crisis.


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