LibPositives Spotlight of the Week David Manly

LibPositives Spotlight present David Manly

From a young age, David Manly always had a passion to improve the things around him. “I live my life with purpose,” David says, “knowing that whatever I do could impact the world around me.”

The road to becoming an entrepreneur was never planned but instead began after David returned to Liberia in December 2013, the first time in 23 years. During that trip, he saw firsthand the challenges that Liberians face every day without proper resources. Yet, he admired the drive and work ethic they had and continue to have despite these obstacles, and saw an opportunity to help make a difference.

Having grown up on a farm during his childhood in Nimba County, David understood the importance of sustainable agriculture. He founded Kawadah Farms, a Liberian food manufacturer of cassava, sugar cane, and plantain that partners with local farmers.


Not only does Kawadah Farms provide food product, they teach their farmers crucial skills to help them sustain and grow their businesses. David wants to revolutionize Liberian agriculture and find ways to improve the economy.

“Working towards something great takes time, but you have to constantly remind yourself of the bigger picture, the bigger goal,” David explains. “The process to achieving a goal is just as important as the goal itself.”

Liberia was just the beginning. David’s entrepreneurship has expanded into the world of suits and technology as well, starting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Manly Collections started in 2013 as a hobby and has grown into a true passion. Their mission? To instill confidence in men by expressing themselves freely through their own style and fashion. Fashion has always been a form of self expression for David, and this business has allowed him to assert his creativity and help reinvent fashion and style in the industry.

David has also spent most of his professional career as a senior software consultant, which gave him a profound understanding of how essential well-vetted systems and technology are to the success of corporations. This experience and knowledge has allowed him to start his own company, ROL Technologies, which strives to help other businesses build better software.

Despite his many businesses and busy schedule, David always finds the time and energy to focus on bettering himself and the ways that translate into the work he loves.

“I want to change the way people think and bring people of all backgrounds together to create something great,” David says. “If I can do that, I will have achieved my purpose in life.”