LibPositives Spotlight of the Month Racheal Ankrah-Fosu: Author, creator of KIDFIN, etc

LibPositives Spotlight of the Month Present Racheal ANKRAH-FOSU ANKRAH-FOSU

A child of Monrovia, Liberia, Ms. Ankrah-Fosu immigrated to the US at the age of 16 after graduating top of her class. She went on to receive two degrees from the University of Rutgers. During her time at Rutgers she received many academic achievements and was inducted into the prestigious Cap & Skull Honor Society amongst other honorable distinctions. She also co-developed, marketed and taught an entrepreneurial program for the Rutgers Cooperative Schools designed for at-risk youth. 

Upon graduation from Rutgers, Ms. Ankrah-Fosu was recruited to Andersen Consulting (Accenture), where she was promoted to Consultant before leaving 3 years later. She was then recruited by the New York Stock Exchange’s technology arm in 1999 and was employed there until 2016, leading a global, micro second level, trading critical performance, latency and capacity management practice. While at NYSE she was awarded the honor of Professional Woman of The Year by the National Association of Professional Women 2013 to 2014. She was also honored as a Distinguished Leader by the International Women’s Leadership Association in 2014.

In 2015, Ms. Ankrah-Fosu was recruited by Oxford University’s Said Business School as a Forte Fellow. She embarked upon a Diploma in Global Business. In 2016, she was awarded a Top Female Executive designation award by the International Women’s Leadership Association and obtained her MBA in 2017 from Oxford University, England.

Ms. Ankrah-Fosu now brings her Information Technology Management to $4B powerhouse Broadridge Financial as an Information Technology Management Executive responsible for developing the corporate aligned Technology Strategy and growing the bottom line via technology optimization.

Ms. Ankrah-Fosu is active in her community and has actively helped raise money to help Africans cope with the spread of HIV.  She has donated time, resources and talent to non-profit organizations committed to raising awareness and funding that will alleviate the plight of disadvantaged and deserving African communities/persons. She has spent time mentoring younger women through various mentoring programs in financial services. She has volunteered her time via Operation Hope to teach financial and entrepreneurial skills. She is slated to publish her first of four books in May of 2019.

Ms. Ankrah-Fosu, is emerging as the author and plans to publish her first book on May 22, 2019, the fourth anniversary of her late husband’s passing. She hopes to uplift others as they may be going through difficult times in their lives through the telling of her story in her first book, The Widow and The Groomer.

Ms. Ankrah-Fosu has recently designed and is in the process of building KIDFINTM, a social enterprise that aims to disrupt the educational space. The KIDFINTM program is a digital program, a brand aimed at increasing financial literacy in both global and local contexts. The program aims to target children in 4 tiers and delivers sustained digital financial literacy education to children from ages 8 through college.

Ms. Ankrah-Fosu is a widow and mother of two boys. Despite facing the challenges that comes with losing a husband, she decided to focus on raising her two kids, following her dreams of succeeding as a global leader and setting a strong example of perseverance and success despite adversity for her sons.