LibPositives Spotlight of the week Sambi Alieu

LibPositives Spotlight present Sambi Alieu

Sambi Alieu is a Liberian-Sierra Leonean model, inspirational speaker, makeup artist, and host/producer of GenY TV. Her mission as a public figure is to use her voice, image, and artistry to influence positive change. Currently, Ms. Sambi Alieu uses media to create an image that society needs to view as a reflection of the overall growth and evolution of the human soul.

As a public figure she focuses on creating and promoting positive images in hopes to inspire, uplift, and awaken the power each individual has within.

For so long, beauty standards in fashion and entertainment industry had not been challenged, however, with the Ubiquity of social media that allows people to market and brand themselves, the power has now been placed in the hands of the consumer. 

Ms. Sambi believes that the only answer to the world problems is love, and that the only reason we stay away from this concept is due to self-hate, which comes from the bitterness we have against ourselves. The battle begins within, and we must all realize this in order to heal ourselves and, in turn, collectively heal the world.

She hopes to become one of the contributing factors in the rebranding of Liberia, and Africa as a whole.


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