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LibPositives Spotlight present Shari Lawuo Oluwayemisi Raji

Shari L. O. Raji is a young engineer who, at 20 years old, completed her studies with honors at the National University of Malaysia. When she was 16, Shari received a scholarship from Sime Darby, a Malaysian oil company with divisions in Liberia, to study in Malaysia after graduating from St. Teresa Convent Catholic High School. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raji, believe very much in the importance of education, which shows in the achievements of their four children: Shari’s older sister, Gloria Freeman, has a Master’s in Health Administration and will soon be getting another Master’s in Business Management; her older brother, Raouf Raji, has two Master’s in Petroleum Refining Systems Engineering and Pure Petroleum Engineering; and her younger brother, Hakeem Raji, will graduate high school at 16. Suffice it to say, Shari comes from a family that values education.

After completing her studies in January, Shari returned to Liberia and began working at Sime Darby Plantation in Monrovia. In August, Shari transferred to Oil Mill in Grand Cape Mount County, where she serves as Assistant Manager/Process Engineer. Her job includes assisting and managing the mill workers, ensuring that the mechanical processes are done properly. She also volunteers as a program manager at SMART Liberia, an NGO that focuses on creating platforms and opportunities for Liberia’s youth.

In the future, Shari plans to further her education by pursuing a Master’s in Renewable Energy Engineering. Shari spoke to us about her reasons for this career path, stating, “As we know, alternative renewable sources of energy is the future, and in order to keep Liberia in the loop, we need people who are going to be professional in this area to pioneer our transition from petroleum-based energy sources.”

Among her many accomplishments and in between her hectic schedule, Shari finds time for her passions, which include reading and writing. Turning her passion into action, Shari started writing for the Liberian news outlet, Bush Chicken, where she has written an Op-ED. She is also currently working on a book of poetry and prose called Echoes of Silence with her best friend, Joshua Kulah, and other Liberian writers.

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