Spotlight of the Week Samuel Koimene

LibPositives Spotlight present Samuel Koimene

Though he was born to Jangy and Timothy Koimene in Liberia, Samuel Koimene left Liberia due to the civil war and was raised in Ivory Coast and Ghana. He moved to the United States in 2003 to Boston, Massachusetts. He then moved to York, Pennsylvania, where he currently lives.

At an early age, Samuel was inspired to some day run for his country in the Olympics. In 2012, Samuel graduated from Central York High School, where he currently holds the school record of 10.50 seconds[1]  in the 100 meters. After high school, Samuel attended Keystone Bible Institute, where he completed a two-year program in leadership and communications. He also received The Spirit of Youth Award in 2014.

With five years experience in jewelry designs and two years of professional training in the Matrix CAD program, Samuel Koimene is the owner of Yeshua’s Jewelry. Founded on a vision of a Key Cross, Yeshua’s Jewelry is an online retailer of engagement rings, fine jewelry, diamonds, watches, and custom designs. The name Yeshua comes from the Hebrew language, which means salvation. 

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