Spotlight of the Week: Daphne-Fiona Brown

Libpositives Spotlight Present Daphné-Fiona Brown

Daphné-Fiona Brown is Liberian who was born and raised in Sweden, she studied occupational rehabilitation and Global health. After years of working as a healthcare professional, Daphné-Fiona decided to pack her bag for a new adventure.  She left Stockholm, Sweden, and moved to the vibrant city of London. With a passion for fitness, a background in handball, and years of experience in occupational rehabilitation and Global health, Daphné-Fiona decided to help people live more active and healthy lifestyles. She then received her Diploma in personal training, which includes taking on GP referrals as an exercise referral specialist.

Daphné-Fiona does not only have passion for fitness, but motivating girls and women; she encourages them to do whatever they set their minds to. She believes physical activity can trigger so much positivity in humans, not only does it help you feel physically stronger, but mentally strong as well. In her own words, “Physical activity helps you to transform oneself to the very best version of yourself"


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