Spotlight of the Week Chantal Victoria

LibPositives present Chantal Victoria

Chantal Victoria is a Liberian-American author, publisher, and blogger. Though she was born in Liberia, Chantal grew up in the United States in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she and her family sought refuge during the civil war. She currently lives in London, England, with her husband.

Chantal holds a graduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Environmental Studies with a focus on management within the African context. Her undergraduate degree is in English and Political Science from Seton Hall University in New Jersey. She has ten years of experience in international project management and has been published in academic indices.

In May 2017, Chantal released her first book, Janjay, set in Liberia, which peaked at #1 in new releases in children’s Africa books and #2 in the Children’s Multicultural categories in fairytales and folklore on Amazon. The plot centers around eight-year-old Janjay, a smart, curious, energetic girl who one day neglects her responsibility of collecting clean water for her family to join a friend for an afternoon adventure. The story is packed with humor and local language dialogue to capture the essence of Liberian culture. Children everywhere will appreciate the tale because of its heartfelt message on the global issue of access to clean water. Janjay is available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook everywhere books are sold

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