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Anna Yeanuea Bendu Sherman-Karto is the founder of Liberia Positives (LibPositves). She is Liberian born and American raised. Anna is an alumnus of Texas Woman's University, where she studied Biology and Health Science.  She is very passionate about Liberia. Her love for her country and frustration with the lack of positive content about Liberia inspired her to start this platform. Anna uses the LibPositves platform to motivate and inspire others to give back to their community and make a positive change. She showcases excellent Liberians around the world and shows beautiful photos of Liberia. Anna enjoys starting off her day with a hot cup of tea and ending it with a good thriller novel.



Chief Editor

Sara Tucker is the Chief Editor of the Liberia Positives (LibPositives) platform. She was born in Rhode Island to a half Liberian-half Nigerian mom and a Liberian father but grew up in Los Angeles, California. She finished out high school in Maryland and later graduated from Towson University with a BA in English (Spanish minor). Several years later, she went back to her alma mater and obtained a Master’s in Writing.  Between the years after college and before starting graduate school, she became an educator, teaching elementary-aged children Spanish as well as Spanish 101 as an adjunct instructor at a community college. In 2011, she stepped out of the classroom and ultimately turned to work as a technical editor. In her free time, Sara enjoys visiting museums, attending literary events, and going on hikes…when the weather allows