1. Is Libpositives just a blog? At the moment, yes, Libpositives is running as just a blog . However, Libpositives plan on having its own charity program soon. 
  2. How do I support Libpositives? There are so many ways you can support Libpositives: 1, Subscribe to all of our social media accounts. 2,  Share with us any positives news, photos, history about Liberia. 3, Join our team.
  3. How do I join Libpositive?   Fill out the form found under Rebranding Liberia. You may also contact us on any of our other social media accounts.
  4. How old do I have to be to join Libpositives? 18+
  5. Do you have to be Liberian or live in Liberia to join Libpositives? No, Libpositives is open to everyone all over the world.
  6. Do you regularly post to your blog? Yes!
  7. How often do you post to your blog? weekly
  8. Is this blog for Liberians only? No!
  9. Where do you find inspiration for your posts? Everywhere, anything Liberia related.
  10. If people do comment on your blog, do you ever respond to them? Yes, all the time, we love to interact with our audience.
  11. If I read something on a blog that I found to be personally offensive to me, how do I respond? Please send us a email or contact us on any of the other social media accounts.
  12. Do you use any of these social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Yes! We are very easy to find, Just type in Libpositives.