Liberian Cuisine 'Fufu and Soup'

Fufu is widely known and loved across Africa. It is a staple food in many African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon. Although not a staple food in Liberia, it is still a popular dish within the country. This doughy food is often made from cassava, plantain, or yam, and they are dried, pounded until ground, boiled, and rolled into an oval shape to be eaten. Fufu can be eaten with a variety of Liberian soups such as pepper soup, palm butter, palava sauce, GB soup, and okra. The most popular fufu dish in Liberia is fufu and pepper soup.

Pepper Soup

Pepper soup is made with seafood, meat, and chicken. The soup is popular during raining season when the weather is much colder because there’s a belief that drinking the soup helps keep the body warm. Pepper soup is also a great flu remedy. The soup is one of the easiest Liberian soups to prepare: first, pre-cook and season the proteins that will go in the soup; next, after a sufficient amount of water is poured into the pot, add more seasoning, peppers, whole okra, garden egg, bene seed (sesame seed) (peanut butter is optional); then boil everything together until all the ingredients are well cooked and integrated into the soup. Pepper soup can be eaten with both rice and fufu.

Ways Cassava Can Help the Body

Many Liberians use cassava to make fufu, which is great because cassava has several nutritional benefits. Listed below are few ways cassava can be beneficial.

Helps with headaches. Take 60 grams of cassava roots or leaves and soak them in water for a couple of hours. Make fresh juice using a blender and then drink it down twice and watch the headache fade away.

Helps the digestive system. Cassava contains fiber, which is not soluble in water. This helps in the absorption of toxins entering the intestines, which helps improve digestive health and keeps it chugging along nicely.

Treats diarrhea. Cassava addresses conditions such as diarrhea, too. Take several pieces of cassava and boil them in water. Wait for the water to cool to room temperature. Drink this liquid twice a day to feel the difference.

Helps with weight loss. Cassava is very important for losing weight. The high fiber content in cassava helps the body feel full for a longer period and prevents binge eating, which is a great method for losing weight.

Helps with hair growth. The roots and leaves of a cassava can be used to make a fresh paste that can be applied on oiled hair and rinsed out after an hour. Doing this twice a week can help with hair growth.