History of Maryland County, named after State of Maryland, USA

Named after State of Maryland in the United State, Maryland County is located in the southeastern portion of Liberia. Originally an independent country, Maryland was known as the Republic of Maryland before joining the Republic of Liberia on April 6, 1857. In 1834 Maryland was established as a colony of the Maryland State Colonization Society. However, the colony did not gain its independence until 1834.

With population of 1364,404 (2008 census), Maryland is the seventh most populous county in Liberia. It is bordered by Grand Kru County to the west, River Gee County to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the South. The eastern part of the County is bordered by Côte d’Ivoire, separated by the Cavalla River. The Cavalla River named by Portuguese explorers because of an abundance of mackerels (called cavalla in Portuguese) found in the river.

There are two districts in Maryland, Barrobo District, and Peeblo/Sodeken District. The Capital of Maryland County, Harper was named in honor of General Robert Goodloe Harper (US General who named Liberia in 1824). There are three major commercial towns in Maryland County, Pleebo, Gedetarbo and Karluke. Pleebo city is the most populous city in the county.

Maryland County is known for its great quantity of fish, whales, dolphins, lobsters, crabs and oysters. The Port of Harper, once called The Harper Shallow Port, is one of the four major seaports of Liberia. The port served as link for trans-shipment of goods throughout the southeast of Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire. It operated as a private entity from 1959 until the year 1972 when it was renamed by an act of the National Legislature as The Port of Harper. Agriculture is the main source of employment in Maryland County, accounting for 60% of households’ income. Rice and cassava are the main crops grown in the county.

 Maryland County is tourists’ dream destination. The county is blessed with spectacular Blue Ocean, beautiful weather and rich soil. Also in the county is hidden history linking Liberia, African American Freed Slaves and the Unites States.  A trip to Maryland County should be considered by anyone’s in search of vacations that not only provides relaxation but also has educational aspects. Tourists should also expect fresh, delicious seafood from the Atlantic.