History of Grand Cape Mount County, Landmark for Early Settler

Grand Cape Mount is one of the five original counties of Liberia. It is located in the northwestern portion of Liberia and is bordered by Gbarpolu County to the northeast and Bomi County to the southeast. The county also bordered the Republic of Sierra Leone to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. With population of 129,817 (2008 census), Grand Cape Mount is the eight most populous county in Liberia. Majority of its population are of the Vai and Mende tribe.

The county is divided into five administrative districts, including Robertsport Commonwealth District, Garwula District, Gola Konneh District, Porkpa District and Tewor District. Robertsport, named after the first president of Liberia (Joseph Jenkins Roberts) serves as its capital. It is located 10 miles from the Sierra Leone border and 2-3 hours drive away from Liberia’s capital. The current senator of Grand Cape Mount, Cllr Senator Varney Sherman, was born in Robertsport.

The name Grand Cape Mount comes from the phrase “Cape du Mont”, which means the Cape of the Mount in French. In 1461 a Portuguese explorer, Pedro de Sintra, saw the prominent feature of the cape and gave the County its name. Grand Cape Mount became the landmark for the early settlers in the region. In 1849 a treaty was signed with the locals and a government was formed. Nine years after Liberia became a republic, Grand Cape Mount, once part of Montserrado, became the fifth County in Liberia by a legislative in 1856.

 Grand Cape Mount is endowed with a rich cultural heritage and a variety of beautiful natural sceneries ranging from Lake Piso, one of the largest inland lakes in the world, to its beautiful clean beaches and fertile agriculture land. Grand Cape Mount is also rich in natural resources such as gold, diamond, iron ore and some oil. Commercial fishing is seen all along its beautiful coast. 

 Although tourists’ expectations are rarely met, the county still receives huge number of foreigners and tourists from other parts of the country each weekend eager to experience its magnificent tourism experience. There’s also no denying its viable potential of tourism as it host some of Liberia’s spectacularly clean white beaches, lake, rainforest, etc, all of which makes this county an ideal spot for hotels, resorts, etc. Its capital, Robertsport, possess one of the country’s richest nature reserve in terms of unique, wildlife, flora and funa. Bay Mouth, also located in Robertspot is a perfect place to sit and relax as you watch the beautiful sunsets.

Anna Sherman-KartoComment