History of Rivercess County, Liberia's Third Least Populated County

Rivercess County was created in 1984. It is located in the south-central portion of Liberia. With population of 71,509, Rivercess is the third least populous county in Liberia (censpr 2008). The county is bordered by Grand Bassa County to the west, Nimba County to the northeast, and Sinoe County to the southeast. The southern portion of the county is striated by the Atlantic Ocean.

There are 8 districts in the county, Bearword District, Central Rivercess District, Doedain District, Fen River District, Jo River District, Norwein District, Sam Gbalor District, and Zartlahn District. Rivercess County accommodates the FDA/OTC Reforestation Project with a designated National Plantation area of 276 ha (680 acres). Coastal plains found in the county raises to level of 30m (98 ft) in height. They also receive high level of rainfall and longer sunshine with humidity throughout the year. Patches of Savannah woodlands along with few creeks and rivers are found throughout the county.

Rivercess is one of the poorest and most isolated counties in Liberia. Its infrastructure was devastated by Liberia’s fourteen years of civil war, with many water systems and source of electricity completely destroyed. Many residents rely on Agriculture for major source of income. Major crops cultivated within this region are cassava, rice, cocoa, coffee, citrus oil and palm.

Although the county is isolated and overlooked by tourist, Rivercess has much more to offer. Rivers found in the counties are crystal clear, the soil is so fertile that is capable of growing many crops and if given the opportunity, Rivercess could be a huge asset to the development of Liberia.