History of Montserrado County, Liberia's smallest and most populous county

Located in the northwestern portion of Liberia is the oldest county of Liberia, Montserrado County. It was created at the foundation of the Country in the year 1847. The county is Liberia’s smallest and most populated county with population of 1,118,241 (2008 census). Montserrado is bordered by Bong County to the north, Margibi County to the east, and Bomi County to the west. The Atlantic Ocean lies in the Southern part of the county.

There are five districts in Montserrado, including Careysburg District, Todee District, Commonwealth District, Greater Monrovia District and St. Paul River District. The Capital city of Liberia, Monrovia, is located in Greater Monrovia District, the most populous district in the nation. St. Paul River District follow as the second most populous district and it is highly populated with the Bassa, Dey, or Kpelle tribes. The county is composed of 21 townships, seven cities, one borough, and two chiefdoms. Bensonville serves as the county capital.

Like many counties in Liberia, Montserrado is filled with self-employed residents due to lack of formal employment. Many residents engage in informal businesses, street vending, market selling and trading to generate income. Montseraddo also contains most of the largest markets in the country, some including the Duala Market and Red Light Market, located in the Paynesville neighborhood. These markets composed of variety of consumer goods that are sold out of old intermodal containers and wheelbarrows.  Agriculture is small part of economy, with the main crops consisting of cassava, rice and other vegetables. A rubber production is also part of economy, accounting for eight percent of household incomes.

Montserrado is one of the country’s beautiful counties. It is overflowed with variety of tourist attractions, including many white sand beaches, five star restaurants and hotels, National museums, stadiums, historical sites etc. Also located short drives from the county are waterfalls, national farm, islands, etc. Tourists are guaranteed incredible experience when visiting the country’s oldest and most developed county, Montserrado County.