History of Margibi County, Established in 1985

Margibi is one of the latest set of counties created in 1985 by merging the territories of Gibi and Marshall. It is located in the northern portion of Liberia bordering Montserrado County to the west, Grand Bassa County to the east and Bong County to the north. The southern portion of Margibi is straddled by the Atlantic Ocean. As of 2008 census, Margibi is the sixth most populous county in Liberia.

Margibi has four districts, including Firestone Districts, Kakata District, Gibi District, and Mamba-Kaba District. Kakata, located in the Kakata District, serves as the county’s capital. Current senator of Margibi’s County is Senator Oscar Cooper; Mr. Jerry Varnie is the County’s Superintendent. The county is inhibited by the Kpelle and Bassa tribes. Other tribes from neighboring counties also reside in the region.

Margibi has coastal plains that rise up to 98 feet above sea-level. These plains normally receive tremendous rainfall ranging from 175in to 180in per year. It also receives longer sunshine with high humidity of 85-95 percent. The National proposed reserved of Margibi is located in Margibi mangrove. Multiple rivers and creeks are also found throughout the county along with patches of savannah woodland. With fertile soil and rich forest, residents are highly involved in agriculture. Rice, Cassava and sugarcane are major crops on the costal side of the county. Also in the northern portion are widely grown coffee, rubber, cocoa, palm oil and citrus oil.

As a costal county located just a short drive from the country’s capital, Monrovia, Margibi is one of the most visited counties in Liberia. Located in the county are Libassa Ecolodge and Resort and its animal rescue center. The county also has clear deep Blue Ocean, accessible beach fronts and ocean front properties built solely for the purpose of vacation, all of which makes Margibi an ideal location for a romantic getaway, family vacation, girls trip, etc