Liberian Cuisines 'Candies and Snacks'

Most times when talking about Liberian dishes, what comes to mind are savory foods such as rice, soups, and fufu. However, Liberia has many other delicacies. Like most people, Liberians enjoy candies and snacks, though they prefer them homemade. Here are a few homemade Liberian candies and snacks you might want to try.

Milk Candy

Made from condensed milk, milk candy is the most popular candy in Liberia; almost everyone has had some. This delicious caramel candy is easy to make—all you need are a can of condensed milk and vegetable oil. Nutmeg and ginger are optional. Pour the condensed milk into hot oil and stir until the mixture is caramel brown. Once cool, make little balls and place a thumbprint in the center. 

Beniseed Candy

In Liberia, sesame seed is commonly known as beniseed, which is used to make beniseed candy. This tasty candy is easy to make, making it accessible at every snack shop around town. Only two ingredients are needed to make beniseed candy: sugar and beniseed. What you’ll need to do is parch sesame seed until crunchy and melt the sugar until golden brown. Next, insert parched sesame seed into the melted sugar and stir. Once cool, make little balls

Coconut Candy

Like beniseed candy, coconut candy is also easy to make and can be seen at many snacks shops around town. The preparation is similar to beniseed candy, though you’ll need to replace parched beniseed with parched coconut flakes.


Unlike the three snacks listed above, kanyan is not candy but rather a snack. It can be eaten as lunch because it keeps you full for a long period of time. Kanyan is made of three ingredients: peanut, gari (grated, dried cassava), and sugar. Preparing kanyan is straight forward. Place all three ingredients together in a mortar and grind using a pestle. Lastly, make a square and cut into pieces.

As you can see, Liberians aren’t just about savory foods. They also make tasty candies and snacks. If you ever find yourself in Liberia, make sure to grab one of these candies or snacks and indulge.



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