Liberian Cuisine 'Bitter Kola'

West Africa’s Magic Nut

Garcinia kola, also known as bitter kola, belongs to the Guttiferae or Clusiaceae family and is extremely bitter in taste. The nuts can be found in many West African countries, including Benin, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Liberia. The Garcinia kola nut is known to many Africans as “magic nuts” because of its many benefits.

Some Shocking Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

1.     Clears the lungs. Research has it that the intake of two seeds of Garcinia kola can clear the chest of a cold. The antioxidants from the liquid of the crushed Garcinia kola can cure the cold and cough faster than some medicines.

2.     Fights off malaria. The presence of kolaviron, a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory chemical compound produced by the Garcinia kola, has been tested and proved to be a cure for malaria. This experiment was first carried out at the University of Port Harcourt by Professor Ekezie Chumba in 2010.

3.     Promotes male fertility. Studies have shown that men who eat about four to five seeds daily of Garcinia kola gain much strength during lovemaking. 

4.     Improves arthritis. For potential relief in osteoarthritis, bitter kola is an excellent disease modifier. It helps in the reduction of inflammation, pain, and immovable joints. 

5.     Prevents glaucoma. An increase in eye pressure leads to glaucoma. The bitter kola nut is known to decrease eye pressure.