History of River Gee County, Liberia's tenth largest county

The tenth largest county in Liberia, River Gee County is located in the southeastern part of Liberia. It is bordered by Grand Gedeh County to the north, Maryland and Grand Kru counties to the south and Sinoe County to the west. The eastern portion of the county is bordered by the Republic of Ivory Coast along the Cavalla River. According to 2008 Census in Liberia, River Gee is the third populous county with the population of 66,789; Fish Town serves as the county’s capital.

River Gee County was established in May 2000 after splitting from Grand Gedeh County. The request to split from Grand Gedeh was approved by the Liberia’s House of Representatives in May 1997; however it took the Senate 3 years to approve the request. The county composed of ten district, Chedepo District, Gbeapo District, Glaro District, Karforh District, Nanee District, Nyenawliken District, Nyenebo District, Potupo District, Sarbo District, and Tuobo District.

River Gee has evergreen forests. Also in the counties are tropical forests with few hills and various valleys. These forests receive high amount of rainfall throughout the year. The uplands is conducive for the farming of rice while the low lying areas are conducive for cassava, yam, cocoa, coffee, sugarcane, plantains, potatoes, vegetables, and rubber. The county accommodates the Glaro Reforestation project as well as the National Reserve Grebo Forest.

Like many southern counties in Liberia, the location of River Gee allows it to be overlooked in terms of developmental plans.  However, what many aren’t taking into consideration is the location and the enriched soil of River Gee which makes it perfect for agriculture. The county evergreen forest is very fertile, allowing it the capability of generating substantial amount of income to Liberia’s economy. The county is also great for peaceful vacation. The small populations of the county give visitors peace of minds that cannot be experience in other populated counties.

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