Liberia's Lush and Verdant Rainforest

5 Incredible Animals Who Call It Their Home

There are approximately 403 species of orchids in West Africa. There are also many pygmy hippopotamuses, insectivores, rodents and bats, tree frogs, and numbers of bird species. Liberia, whose forests make up part of the West African Rainforest, also has many of these species within its borders.

Here are list of 5 animals found in the dense and tropical rainforest of Liberia.

1.      The Liberian mongoose

The Liberian mongoose is found in the northeast region of Liberia. They make the lowland areas and stream banks their home, usually living in small groups of three to five individuals. They are dark brown in color, have long claws on their front paws, and a long, mobile snout.

The Liberian mongoose feeds on earthworms as well as beetle larvae, eggs, and other small vertebrates. These animals are easily approachable, making them easy prey. As such, they are heavily hunted and eaten by locals.

2.      Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees are found in the Tai-Grebo-Sapo-Cestos Forest as well as the mountainous forest of Mount Nimba in Liberia. Chimpanzees are social animals that live in groups of 40 to 60 individuals. They are usually active during the day and have sense similar to humans. They are covered with black hair all over their body, except their fingers, palms, armpits, and bottom of feet. Chimps are omnivores; they eat both plants and animals.

About 25 years ago, it was estimated that there were 200,000 chimps living in Liberia’s tropical rainforest. Over time, Liberia has lost thousands of its chimps. Today, there are only few thousand accounted for.

3.      Pygmy hippos

 Pygmy hippos are usually found in Liberia’s tropical rainforest as well as caves along riverbanks. These animals can live comfortably on both land and in water. They have a thick hide that is greenish-black on top with grayish sides and grayish-white under parts. Their diet consists of many plants, including leaves, grasses, aquatic plants, plant shoots, and fruits. Pygmy hippos are rare animals and are not just hunted for food but also for their tusk-like teeth.

4.      West African dwarf crocodile

Found in smaller bodies of water (ponds, creeks, backwaters) throughout Liberia, the West African dwarf crocodile is an animal with a long life span, living up to 100 years. They belong to the crocodylidae family of crocodiles. Their diet consists mainly of fish, along with frogs, birds, and small mammals. 

5.      The Goliath frog of West Africa

With the largest being 13.38 inches long, the shy and elusive Goliath frog, also known as African Giant, is the largest known frog. It reaches a body length of 30.5 cm (12 in) and an overall length from nose to toe of about 91 cm (3 ft). These frogs are usually found in mountain streams throughout Liberia, especially in Nimba County.


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