Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day in Liberia

“My Christmas On You oooh”

With over 80 percent of Liberians practicing Christianity, Christmas is widely celebrated across the country, this is done by decorating; attending churches, singing carols; having the best meals with families-whether Jollof Rice, Collard Greens, Fried Greens, Cabbage etc.; gift-sharing among children, families and friends; visiting love ones across the city; and spending the evening at beaches, bars and other entertainment centers.

 Many families living out of the country makes it their priorities to go back home during the Christmas holiday in order to spend Christmas with family; making Liberia the busiest this time of year. Also, Christmas season is very important for vendors across Liberia because it is punctuated by increased economic activities.

A typical Christmas day begins with families waking up as early as 3am for Christmas meals preparation.  After preparing the meals, families may decide to eat before or after church service; there’s no specific order for this, it depends on the family preference.

Another tradition during early Christmas morning is the Old Man Beggar performance. Old Man Beggar is a character who dresses in old rags and put on witty performances within the communities. He is escorted by children singing ‘oldma don’t run away, Beggar da human being’; the song tells us not to be afraid of Old Man Beggar, because he is indeed human.

After family meals, adult may decide to spend the day at home or visit love ones. Children put on their new Christmas outfits and visit various houses asking for ‘Christmas’(money), using the phrase “my Christmas on you”, or “my Christmas in your blood.” This is done to ensure that people give during the festival season, after all, this is the season of given. The celebrations continue till night with beaches, pools and house parties, or at other entertainment center. Males audience may gather at sport bars to watch holiday matches in the European football (soccer) leagues. Suffice to say Christmas is Liberians favorite holiday.

Liberia is a fantastic place to be during the Christmas holiday. Experience our rich culture and traditions this time of year.  Enjoy ridiculously tasty meals; meet and mingle with exciting people, including tourists and citizens of Liberia; sing joyful Christmas carols; wake up to fun and amusing performance by Old Man Beggar; watch exciting soccer matches with professional soccer stars and soccer enthusiasts; and dance the night away with youthful and adventurer crowds. Wishing you and you love ones a very Merry Christmas. Make sure to tell everyone you meet “my Christmas on you oooh”.



Anna Sherman-KartoComment