Liberia Dishes

Liberians are known to have some of the tastiest food in Africa. A typical Liberian diet include rice and soup. Rice is very essential in Liberian’s dishes; it’s either serve dry without soup, or with different types of soups. Liberians also have their own unique way of cooking the most popular West African rice, the “Jollof” rice. Liberians would like to think that they have the best kind of Jollof rice, but that statement wouldn’t go well with other West African countries. Liberians have multiple soups, Cassava leaf, Palava sauce, Potatoes grains, Beans, Okra, Collard grains, Cabbage, Torborgee, Peppersoup, Gravy, Palm Butter and many more. Beard in mind that, almost all Liberian soups can either be cook with palm oil or vegetable oil, doubling the amount of soups Liberia has. These soups are also prepared with many kinds of meat, as well as fish (fresh or dried), chicken, pork and many other seafood.

 Rice and soups are not the only dishes Liberia has, Liberians also enjoy Fufu. Fufu is made with Cassava, Plantain, Yam, and Taro flour; it can be serve with peanut soup, palmnut (Palm butter) soup, light peppersoup, okra or Palava sauce.  Liberians have some of the healthiest snacks, including fresh and locally grown vegetables and fruits as well as other homemade sweets (milk candy, coconut candy, beneseed candy, etc).

 If for a second, you thought that any other African Country had diversity in their dishes, unfortunately, you are wrong; because despites all the many dishes that are listed above, Liberians have many hidden dishes that weren’t listed. It is impossible to list everything Liberians eat, some food cannot even be describe, you have to be a Liberian to know what I’m talking about. We also believe that Liberians are still adding to their many list of foods.

When you do take a trip to Liberia, remember to let loose and enjoy all the delicious Liberian Dishes, and if you are a Liberians who eat all these delicious foods daily, well Kudos to you!

All images belongs to Ibeethechef

All images belongs to Ibeethechef

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