Nepotism in Liberia: Is this a Norm?

Nepotism in Liberia: Is this a norm?

The practice of Nepotism happens everywhere in the world. Nepotism is when favoritism is shown based on family relationship, as in business, politics etc. In the United States and other European Countries, Nepotism is disguised as Networking, while in other parts of the world, it is disguised as “having connections”. No matter the name given to cover up Nepotism, we can all agree that it is wrong and unfair to other citizens. It’s impossible to completely get rid of Nepotism, however, the high rate of Nepotism in Liberia is alarming and needs to be address. There are many factors that affect the high unemployment rate in Liberia, and Nepotism seems to be one of them.

Denying overqualified candidates jobs while giving those jobs to underqualified candidates strictly based on family relations is completely wrong and unfair, unfortunately, this is becoming a norm in Liberia. There are many people who comes from poor backgrounds, who strives everyday to make a living for their families; these hard-working citizens are being deny of great opportunities because these opportunities are given to family members of people in higher positions.

Nepotism is something that citizens of Liberia cannot continue to treat as a norm, we must target this issue when talking about rebranding and rebuilding Liberia. There should be law against Nepotism, especially within the governments and other public jobs.  Unemployment rate is extremely high because jobs are being kept within families. How do we expect Liberia to improve when jobs are being given to underqualified candidate?  Every Liberian should have equal rights for employment regardless of family backgrounds and status. It’s time we stop giving positions away based on family connections but qualifications. Let put a stop to Nepotism. Citizens that work hard should be rewarded with well deserving jobs, this is another way of improving Liberia economy and decreasing unemployment rate.

Anna Sherman-Karto1 Comment