History of the Kpelle People

The Kpelle people are the largest ethnic group in Liberia. The Kpelle people are also known as the Guerze, Kpwesi, Kpessi, Gerse, Mpessi, Berlu, Gbelle, Bere, Gbalin, Gizima, or Buni. They are located primarily in an area of central Liberia extending into Guinea.
Despite their yearly heavy rainfalls and rough land, Kpelle survive mostly on their staple crop of rice. They are arguably the most rural and conservative of the major Liberian peoples. It is estimated that there are 760,000 Kpelle Speakers in Liberia. Most Kpelle inhabit Bong County, Bomi County, Gbarpolu County, and Lofa County. #libpositiveshistory #learnthefacts

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