About us

Liberia is a vibrant coastal country with beautiful beaches to the West and mountains to the East.   Liberia was established in 1847 by freed slaves from the U.S. and Caribbean along with indigenous Africans.  After 2 civil wars and the Ebola Crisis, Liberia is making a strong comeback and we're here to cover every positive minute of it.   Our mission is to support the development of Liberia's tourist industry by showcasing Liberia's beautiful landscape, culture, and people

Liberia Positive (LibPositives) started in 2016 as a pictorial blog on Instagram. There's so much negativity out there about Liberia, so we thought that it would be a good idea to focus on the positives.  Since then we have gained over 22K followers and an average post engagement of 100.  There's clearly a demand for positive content about Liberia, so we're taking things to the next level with this website blog to spread more positivity.  


Welcome to LibPositives Official Website, my name is Anna Sherman-Karto, Founder and Owner of LibPositves. I was born in Liberia, West Africa, raised in Ivory Coast and currently residing in the United States. I was inspired to create this platform in 2016 because I wanted to have something that focus ONLY on the positive side of Liberia. I’m very passionate about my country Liberia and grew frustrated with the lack of positive content about her. This platform is to inspire and motivate Liberians around the world by showcasing excellent Liberians that are doing amazing things. This is called the "LibPositives Spotlight", where there are weekly spotlights. LibPositives also shows beautiful photos of Liberia to promote tourism to this beautiful "Land of Liberty". After years of civil war and the deadly Ebola Outbreak, Liberia is slowly rebuilding , and we are here to capture it all. I also use our multiple social media accounts to promote charities, organizations, and encourage Liberians to give back to their communities. As someone who enjoys writing, you will find weekly blogs from me sharing our History, Culture, Facts, Food etc. Liberian Entrepreneurs are welcome to advertise their businesses on here (contact us for more information). Know that LibPositives belongs to everyone, together we can Rebrand Liberia and show the world the Beautiful and Positive side of Liberia. Please take time to navigate and familiarize yourself with the website. We made it our top priority to create a website that is clean and easy to navigate.